History Needs New Heroes


"Johnson is a modern-day space legend with a legacy of being one of four Black women whose work with NASA helped pave the way for the first American astronaut to successfully orbit Earth." #womenshistory #trailblazer

"In Rustin, we find the story of an openly gay black man who devoted his career to social change work & exhibited abiding pride in who he was..." Read about Civil Rights & #LGBTQ activist Bayard Rustin + get resources to bring his story into the classroom. http://ow.ly/cG9R50F5XFJ

"No single perspective could possibly capture the complexity of America’s story. (Together) we are capable of connecting the dots of history in so many new ways." Read about the power of doing history together at https://medium.com/history-made-by-us/without-everyones-voice-history-is-an-incomplete-story-b7fa928a14bc

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